Is Apple TV+ finally going to expand?


Apple TV + was announced with a lot of fuss, but the streaming service still lacks content. Currently there are only 17 titles in total to watch.

Admittedly: the 17 titles are all Apple Originals, but once you’ve seen them or you don’t like the subjects, you’re done. Apple TV+ simply lacks a well-stocked catalogue, which makes it more of a curiosity than a serious option for streaming. According to Bloomberg that’s going to change now that Apple is buying older movies (or better: the rights to them). That would mean that Apple TV+ will soon have a well stocked catalogue as well. And that makes this video streaming service a lot more interesting and competitive.

Rent and buy

Yet even then, new mainstream footage is still missing from Apple TV+. Of course, a large collection of older films is fun. But how ‘old’ is old exactly? According to Bloomberg’s report, ‘Cupertino’ is still not interested in ‘blockbusters’. The company prefers to focus on original productions. At the same time, Apple still has the virtual video store, where you can rent and buy, among other things, 4K films. Chances are that this business is a lot more lucrative for the time being. In short: keep an eye on the streaming service, but don’t expect too much of it either.

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