LG soundbars with Dolby Atmos and Meridian Audio


LG has released its new line of soundbars for 2020. They all (almost) have Dolby Atmos on board as well as Meridian Audio technology.

LG wanted to release the whole series of soundbars for the year 2020 earlier. But because of the corona crisis it didn’t. Now it has. And we’re seeing a series of soundbars that all involve both Dolby Atmos and Meridian Audio technology. Audio calibration is the magic word with this year’s models.

AI Sound Pro should provide automatic calibration of the speakers to suit the room they’re placed in. Flagship of the series is the LG SN11RG (see picture above). This is a 7.1.4 hi-res-capable (24 bit /192 kHz) variant with a total power of 770 watts. Furthermore it is a system, in which you get two wireless rear-speakers, both with forward and upward facing drivers. DTS:X is also on standby, while Meridian Audio’s Advanced Sound Technology should provide bass and spatial image expansion. This most enhanced version costs $1700.

Cheaper is possible

LG then has another series of entry level models ready for you. The LG SN10YG is a 5.2.1-channel system, for which you need to pay $1300. And if you want it, you can order an optional set of SPK8 wireless rear-speakers a $180 with this (and the other underlying models below). For the 3.1.2 channel SN8YG you have to pay $800. The SN6Y 3.1-channel soundbar features DTS Virtual:X and this model lacks Dolby Atmos. This variant costs $400. The simplest 2020 soundbar from LG is the SN5Y, with again DTS Virtual:X on board. Dolby Atmos is not available in this version either, but the automatic space correction is still present. You pay $280 for this model.

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