Nubert nuPro X RC with room measurement


The new Nubert nuPro X RC Series speakers feature built-in room measurement. In other words: these speakers adapt the sound to your listening room.

The new Nubert nuPro X-3000 RC, X-4000 RC, X-6000 RC and X-8000 RC all have built-in room measurement and correction (RC or Room Correction). In addition, Bluetooth streaming is improved compared to the ‘normal’ X-series (i.e. without RC) according to the manufacturer. The Nubert X-Room Calibration in the ‘RC’ series can also be found in a number of other models of the brand. And once again, all you need to measure your listening space is an iPhone or iPad, armed with the Nubert X-Remote app. This piece of software guides you through the entire measurement process.

aptX-HD and AAC

Adjusting the speaker characteristics after measurement should lead to a better listening experience. According to Nubert, even in ‘difficult’ rooms it will still be enjoyable, without for example annoying thumping sounds.

To get all that done, of course a DSP is used. As mentioned earlier, Bluetooth in the RC series of Nubert has also been taken in hand. This component now also supports aptX-HD and AAC. Finally, the frequency response of the speaker series has been linearized. And that is good news for professional users in studios and the like. Or puristic home users, of course.

The newcomers are available halfway this month (so, that’s about now). If desired you can even buy them per piece, but we put here the more logical pair prices on a row:

X-3000 RC bookshelf speaker: €1290X-4000
RC bookshelf speaker: €1710X-6000

column: €2730X-8000


column: €3690

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