PS Audio Stellar M1200: tube to input, Class D output

PS Audio

PS Audio has released a new mono power amplifier. The Stellar M1200 has a tube-based input stage and a Class D power amplifier.

There are people that just can not choose: Do I want a green or a purple wall? Are we eating Brussels sprouts or asparagus today? Or should I buy a tube amp or a hypermodern class D power amplifier?

Well… As for the last doubt, PS Audio has a great solution. in the form of the Stellar M1200. This new 600 watts in 8 Ohm or 1200 watts in 4 Ohm M1200 mono amp has a tube in the input stage (a 12AU7 to be precise), but is class D as far as the output stage is concerned. An ideal solution for those that want both.

And for anyone who is looking for the ultimate piece of sound. Because that is (of course) what PS Audio pretends to have put down here. The M1200 is actually the dream project of designer Darren Myers. He wanted to build an amplifier that combines the rich and warm sound of a tube with one of the world’s sturdiest power amplifier stages.

No lightweight

The PS Audio Stellar M1200 is certainly not a lightweight. The monoblock puts 12 pounds on the scale. And for each channel you need one. Each M1200 has an RCA unbalanced and XLR balanced input. You pay $5,998 U.S. dollars for this powerhouse. Available in a silver or black version.

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