Samsung Terrace 4K QLED TV for outdoors


Samsung has released a television specifically for outdoor use, for the 4K Terrace there is also a suitable soundbar available.

Imagine: you just can’t go outside to the terrace (or if necessary a more spacious balcony) without a television. Well: there is a solution now. In the form of the new Samsung Terrace. This 4K QLED set is IP55 water and dust resistant. In other words: it can withstand a big splash of rain (but you shouldn’t go swimming with it).

The cheapest 55 inch model sets you back $3499 and for the biggest 75 inch you pay $8999. The TVs have built-in 20 Watt speakers. A sturdy metal frame should make the whole thing robust. Furthermore, the brightness that the screen can achieve with 2000 nits is so high that, according to Samsung, you can watch it even on a sunny day without any problems. Add an anti-reflection layer and you are all good.

Water-resistant, matching soundbar

If you find the standard speakers not good enough – we can imagine that – Samsung also has a soundbar matching the Terrace in its range. And it is just as waterproof as the television itself. To finish the spec-list, the Terrace has 240Hz motion processing, which makes it ideal for fast sports such as football. It’s a pity that we are now facing a football-free summer.

Fortunately, the TV has a built-in HDBaseT receiver. This means that video, ethernet and audio (and in theory power) can be supplied by a single long cable. So you can, for example, connect your set-top box in the living room to the television in the garden. If both are HDbaseT compatible of course. The Samsung Terrace will be available in the US starting this month, followed by Germany, Australia and New Zealand later this year. Whether and when the TV will also be available in the Netherlands is unknown. But for those who really want a ride to Germany is of course best to do.

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