Sonarworks SoundID provides a personal listening experience


The Sonarworks SoundID (Listen) app claims to create a personalized listening experience for headphone owners. On desktop and mobile devices.

Sonarworks is a company whose audio software is used by music professionals. And in some 45,000 studios worldwide. And now, apparently, it’s time to make the step to the end user as well.

The SoundID Listen software for both desktop (Windows and macOS) and mobile needs to create a personalized listening experience. When using compatible headphones, that is. Sonarworks SoundID creates a personalized listening profile, based on the brand and type of headphones you use, your hearing characteristics and preferences.

Because the software uses machine learning, the experience develops and improves automatically over time.

Listen Profile

The idea is to create a listening profile via the mobile app. A series of questions will be asked, creating a profile of your personal preferences. You can then listen on your mobile via that profile. Or you can use it on your desktop computer. In that case it is necessary to take out a monthly subscription at Sonarworks. ($4.99 per month). However: you can try it, free of charge, for 60 days.

Later this year an extension will be published with which you can also use the profile in combination with streaming services, in the car or regular speakers.

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