Sonos presents new streaming speakers


Sonos has released the Five and Sub (3rd generation), with several improvements under the bonnet compared to its predecessors.

The new Sonos Five has the same structure and sound as the Play:5 and the speaker also looks the same as its predecessor. Thanks to new hardware under the bonnet – including a faster 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and more working memory – it should on the other hand work more smoothly than ever.

You can position the speaker horizontally for stand-alone use. You’ll still get a wide stereo image thanks to sideways-firing tweeters, among other things. But if that’s not enough for you, two Five’s can also be combined to form a stereo pair. In that case, place the speakers in the upright position. In order to optimally adapt the sound to your listening room, True Play is provided. Furthermore, Apple’s AirPlay 2 is supported, with which, among other things, multiroom can be realized. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are also available for enthusiasts. The Sonos Five costs €579 and is available in black and white.


Also new is the Sonos Sub, now in its third generation. This sub is mainly meant as a support to get a better low end. It can be combined with the slim soundbars like the Beam and the Arc. In terms of appearance nothing has changed compared to the previous generation, and this newcomer is also available in black and white.

The new Sonos App will be available for download from 8 June. With this app you really get the full potential out of this Sub. From that moment on, hi-res audio will be supported like Dolby Atmos (for the Arc), better security and a user-friendly interface is provided. The Sonos Sub costs €799; the app is free.

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