Triangle EMT7 recessed loudspeaker


Triangle has a new built-in speaker in its range. The EMT7 has been specially designed for quick and discreet installation.

The French speaker brand Triangle focuses on both private and business customers with the new ‘Secret’ EMT7. According to the manufacturer, the speaker has a ‘great’ sound, and is therefore suitable for both homes and restaurants, bars and other commercial spaces. The new Triangle is promised to be easy to install thanks to ‘Easy Mounting in-ceiling speaker’ technology. The EMT7 can be installed in 12 to 25 mm thick walls.

Handy for Dolby Atmos

Most charming is the magnetic and ultra-thin grille, with which you can hide the speaker invisibly. Bear in mind that this front can also be painted so that you can create a truly seamless concealed whole. The frequency range of the Triangle EMT7 ranges from 55 Hz to 20 kHz. According to the French, this means that the loudspeaker should also be suitable for use in a home cinema system. Think of Dolby Atmos.

The EMT7 consists of a 170 mm polypropylene mid-layer driver and a 25 mm tweeter. The impedance is 6.9 Ohm and you can drive it with a maximum power of 140 Watt. Finally, the EMT7 weighs 3.5 kilos. The price of the newcomer is not that bad with an amount of €169 ‘t piece.

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