Ubsound presents Feel speaker series


Italian Ubsound has the new Feel speaker series ready for you. It consists of two models.

In the new Feel series of the Italian Ubsound you can choose between the FL32 and the FL38. The first is a compact bookshelf speaker. The FL38 is a column. Both speakers use the same driver. This is a 21 cm coaxial two-way driver with an impedance of 8 Ohm (the tweeter is located in the centre of the wideband driver).

The frequency range of the FL32 runs from 32 Hz – 22,600 Hz (+/-3dB). The big brother FL38 runs just a bit further in the layer, resulting in a range of 31 Hz – 22,600 Hz (+/-3dB). According to Ubsound, the ideal power for a power amplifier is between 15 and 80 Watt.


Ubsound uses the so-called HDNSS technique; the abbreviation stands for High Definition Natural Sound Signature. HDNSS must use various damping techniques to prevent unwanted resonances. Furthermore, the 45 degree curved bass reflex port must guarantee a homogeneous radiation of the low frequencies below 200 Hz. Both models of speakers in the Feel series are available in black, white, red and yellow. In short: opt for traditional or a set of striking speakers. Ubsound asks an amount of €2000 for the FL32. For the FL38 you have to pay €2500.

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