Upgrade your old Densen amplifier with streaming module


The Danish company Densen has released the Oxygen streaming module. A module to update existing amplifiers (made by Densen of course) with streaming possibilities.

The new Oxygen streaming module from Densen updates existing Densen amps. It ‘unleashes’ the possibility to integrate streaming. The expansion is based on a 32-bit DAC, which allows (or not) hi-res streaming from most known streaming services. Think for example Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Amazon Music and Spotify.

The whole thing is controlled via an app, available for iOS and Android. Furthermore, there is multiroom compatibility with all of Densen’s equipment equipped with Oxygen technology. Module compatible models are the B-110, B-120, B-130, B-150, B-175, B-230, B-250, B-275 and all Plus and other versions of this list. In short, even an already 15 year old amplifier like the B-150 can be updated in no time with the Oxygen module.

The expansion costs €999. You see a picture at the top of this article, which Densen shared on Facebook. With the warning that this is a so-called ‘engineering sample’, so the final version may look just that little bit different.

More streaming products in the pipeline

By the way: the first streaming-capable product of Densen is the Cast integrated amplifier.

Along with the rollout of the Oxygen module for older amplifiers, the manufacturer also lets you know new streaming equipment is planned. One of those first novices will be a stand-alone streamer equipped with a 90VA toroidal transformer and a power supply with smoothing capacitors that a total of 160,000 uF. That is a lot! That’s even more than what you’ll find in many amplifiers.

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