Urbanista and H&M present fashion-conscious Bluetooth speaker


The two Swedish brands Urbanista and H&M have joined forces to produce a very fashionable speaker.

Urbanista is best known for its inexpensive AirPods alternatives, but also has a number of Bluetooth speakers in its range. And that part is what made fashion chain H&M knocking for on the front door of the electronics factory. The result of the collaboration is the Sydney speaker. A speaker in special blue-white stripes. Let’s call it the summer version.


If you happen to already have a house (or room) decorated with lots of IKEA stuff, then the Urbanista annex H&M-Bluetooth speaker fits there perfectly in terms of design. Incidentally, the pocket-sized Sydney is not new hardware, it’s just the look. The ‘H&M-style…’.

Under the hood you will find the familiar 40 mm driver and an amplifier with an output power of 3 watts. The playing time on a full battery is five hours; full charging takes about an hour and a half. If you wish, two of these speakers can also be used in a stereo configuration. Furthermore, the Bluetooth 5 speakers are IPX5 splash-proof.

Perhaps the best thing about the H&M version of the Sydney is the price: you only pay €39 for it. Quick buying is advisable, because the hip portable is only available for a limited time.

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