Yamaha presents NS-3000 speakers


Yamaha has released the NS-3000 bookshelf speakers. It concerns the more compact (and cheaper) version of the flagship NS-5000.

In the new and compact Yamaha NS-3000 bookshelf speakers you will find some of the same techniques as in the top model NS-5000. For example, we see the 3 cm Zylon dome tweeter. The cone of the mid-low unit is also made of the same material. Furthermore, a space behind the tweeter has been devised to prevent unwanted resonances. Also, a new acoustic absorber is built in the housing of the speaker. This should prevent internal vibrations and immediately ensures that less sound-absorbing material is needed.

Matching tripod

In the crossover you will find MCapSUPREME EVO audio capacitors from Mundorf. Furthermore, there are pure brass loudspeaker terminals at the rear. The frequency range of the speakers runs from 39 Hz to 60 kHz and the average power you can use to drive them is 60 Watt (120 Watt maximum). For the Yamaha NS-3000 there is also a suitable tripod available in the form of the SPS-3000. These include a 6mm thick metal plate at the top, a wooden column and a 35mm wooden base plate. The price of the newcomers is still unknown. But the expectation is that they will be – significantly – less than the approximately €7500 each asked for the NS-5000.

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