Advance Paris MyConnect 60: A true centipede

Advance Paris

The Advance Paris MyConnect 60 is an all-in-one, with which you are ready with – almost – the touch of a button. And all that for a (very) nice price.

A device that contains everything – except loudspeakers – for immediate listening is actually quite handy. That’s why Advance Paris’ attractively priced MyConnect 60 will appeal to a lot of people. At least: we think it will. It contains everything you need: amplifier, DAB+ and FM tuner, CD player, network player and Bluetooth. It’s actually similar to the old hi-fi system, but a lot more compact.

The class AB power amplifier delivers 2 x 70 Watt. In the year 2020, streaming possibilities are particularly decisive when it comes to the attractiveness of a device. In that respect, this Advance Paris is the right choice for you. First, there is the Wolfson WM8740 DAC, which ensures the conversion from digital to analog. In front of that is the actual streaming module, which can play music from NAS, PC or Mac, among other things. It goes without saying that support for the well-known music streaming services such as Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz and Spotify is taken care of.


Web radio listening is possible thanks to the integration of TuneIn. Furthermore, the Advance Paris MyConnect 60 supports Airplay and is completely suitable for multiroom. Control via an app (iOS or Android) makes it even easier to use. Apart from the streaming capabilities, the device has a phono input, sub out, USB A input, a pre-output and various line inputs. What’s nice is that there are upgrade options, so that your device stays up to date in the future.

The My Connect 60 from Advance Paris is available from this month, with a black or white front. You pay €790 for it.

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