Audia Flight presents FLS 9 integrated amplifier

Audia Flight

The Italian Audia Flight has introduced a new integrated amplifier to the market: the FLS 9.

What is at least striking about the design of the new Audia Flight FLS 9 integrated amplifier are the 8 power supplies. All models with an extra low impedance and very low noise. Furthermore, these power supplies are supported by a total capacitor capacity of 120,000 uF. The power supply units are built on specially manufactured printed circuit boards with an extra thick copper layer. The whole is powered by a 1000 W shielded toroidal transformer. The output power of the power amplifier is 150/290/500 Watt (in 8/4/2 Ohm).


The FLS 9 from Audia Flight can be used to drive less efficient impedance-critical loudspeakers up to a value of 2 Ohm. The housing of the integrated amplifier is made of brushed and anodised aluminium. Just like the sturdy remote control made of the same metal.

Interesting are the two available ‘cartridge ports’, in which optional expansion cards can be inserted. And there is no need to unscrew the FLS 9. Available are an MM/MC Phono card with unbalanced inputs, an RCA board that provides two additional RCA inputs, a 32 bit / 768 kHz DAC board with asynchronous USB input and five digital inputs. Also, a DAC streaming extension should appear soon.

The Audia Flight FLS 9 is available in silver or black, for an amount of – we saw on an English site – £5950. At the time of writing, the FLS 9 is not yet mentioned on the manufacturer’s website. The image above is a screenshot of Audio Flight’s Facebook page.


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