Bang & Olufsen collaborates with Microsoft on Xbox audio

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen has announced that they are collaborating with Microsoft on a ‘high end audio’ proposal for the Xbox game console. What exactly is not yet clear.

The time of simple blips and beeps in computer games is of course long behind us. The sound effects and soundtracks are in no way inferior to what you find in movies and the like. Yet the sound of an Xbox game console, for example, is still all too often reproduced via the TV speakers. And that means you miss out on a lot of atmosphere.

Bang & Olufsen has visited Microsoft for a talk about this. Well, that’s what a tweet from the Danes prove. Check their Twitter account. The audio manufacturer is working – so they report – on a new ‘audio proposal’ that serves the high-end segment, using B&O’s core capabilities of sound, design and skill. And in the tweet – see image above – an intriguing picture could be seen.


By the way, this is the first time that Bang & Olufsen has entered the gaming market. Always interesting. Exactly what the product is going to be is not yet known. However, Microsoft did let us know that the intended product will also be portable. According to them, you take it with you wherever you want to play your Xbox games.

By the way: given the use of the term high-end and the reputation of Bang & Olufsen, do not expect a cheap deal.

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