Buchardt Audio A700 active speaker

Buchardt Audio

Buchardt Audio has released the new A700 active speaker, including matching hub and other accessories.

The Buchardt Audio A700 is intended for use as a speaker in the better audio installation for music or home cinema. The A700 fits the A500 bookshelf speaker (released earlier this year by the Danish manufacturer).

The A700 is a floor standing model with four amps / output stages. In other words: tweeters, midrange drivers and bass drivers are controlled separately; each with 150 Watts to be precise. The two bass drivers placed at the rear enable a large membrane surface area, which in turn should lead to a very low distortion.

Using a special algorithm, Buchardt Audio reports that drivers at the front and rear can be tuned to each other. The manufacturer also reports that anyone who so wishes can have the A700 play frequencies down to 17 Hz (-1.5 dB). Without distortion. A DSP is used to realise all that beauty; 2700 measurement points per driver type are used.

Add Hub for more possibilities

Wireless transmission to the Buchardt Audio A700 is realized via Wisa (as with the A500, by the way). Wisa – an alternative to WLAN hi-res audio – can transfer music losslessly up to 24 bit / 96 kHz. To make optimal use of that wireless feast, the corresponding hub is needed. This includes HDMI, USB, S/PDIF and line inputs. Chromecast, Airplay, Spotify Connect, DLNA/UpNP and Bluetooth aptX 5 are also supported.

There is also the Buchardt measurement system, which is operated with the Buchardt app. The A700 is available in walnut, black and white for €5500. This is an action/introduction price, the regular price will be €6000. Furthermore, you can save money by purchasing a set consisting of the A700 and its hub. Each colour A700 has its own product page, you can find all models here.

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