Denon Home now offers Placement EQ


Thanks to the latest HEOS app and firmware update, users of Denon Home now benefit from an even better experience thanks to Placement EQ.

Despite their small size, the Denon Home loudspeakers provide impressive deep-bass reproduction. If you place a speaker close to a large wall or in a corner, the bass can sound somewhat overwhelming (thumping). This physical effect can hardly be compensated by a standard bass / treble control, as offered in the HEOS app that controls the Denon Home sound.

Placement EQ

Denon Home now offers – by means of a firmware update – a Placement EQ. This takes the location into account when operating the bass response (freestanding, close to a wall or on a shelf, in the corner).

The installation of Placement EQ works in real-time. The user can therefore switch between the three settings and the effect is – as the manufacturer states – immediately audible:

‘The bass response can be tuned and adjusted to the music and personal taste of the user. Add to that the standard bass/treble controls and you have more than enough options to get the best sound from your Denon Home speaker’.

Convenient integrated operation

Denon Home speakers have volume, play/pause and preset buttons on the top. Thanks to the latest firmware update, users can skip tracks using a control button on the Home speaker without having to have their phone at hand. All Home Speakers feature a play/pause button. Pressing the play/pause button once pauses the song. Pressing the play/pause button twice allows you to skip to the next song. Pressing the Play/Pause button three times plays the previous song or restarts the current song.

Update ready immediately

The update is now available for all Home speakers:

  • Denon Home 150
  • Denon Home 250
  • Denon Home 350

The Denon Home speaker must be turned on and connected to the Internet to receive the HEOS update directly when opening the HEOS app. If you have chosen automatic updates when setting up the speaker, the update will already be available on the device if it is correct. For more information about Sound United and its brands, a website is of course available for you.

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