EPOS: ADAPT headsets certified for Microsoft Teams


EPOS announces that the complete series of ADAPT headsets is certified for Microsoft Teams, creating a convenient solution for professional users.

EPOS reports that its four new ADAPT headsets are all certified for Microsoft Teams. The four headsets are at the heart of the ADAPT product line and are designed for professionals who want to collaborate on different devices in different locations without sacrificing style or crystal clear sound, regardless of the environment. Well: that’s according to the manufacturer.

To continue: “ADAPT’s portable, wireless headsets all feature state-of-the-art, premium Active Noise Cancellation, which eliminates unwanted background noise for added concentration and productivity in any (noisy) environment – all with a great sound experience for both speaker and listener. Headset performance is further enhanced by UC optimization, as well as multi-point connectivity that allows users to easily switch between devices by pairing two Bluetooth devices at the same time, increasing both flexibility and versatility. Finally, the four ADAPT headsets all have a dedicated Microsoft Teams button for an intuitive and streamlined user experience.


Theis Moerk, Vice President of Product Management, Enterprise Solutions of EPOS, says: “The integration of Microsoft Teams is a true endorsement of our commitment to provide the modern professional with more efficiency, promote collaboration and enable innovation. Users can launch the app in no time via a dedicated button on the headset; it has never been easier to launch a service, and it allows the user to focus on their work”

Ilya Bukshteyn, Partner Director, Microsoft Teams Devices at Microsoft Corp., adds: “We are very pleased that the new EPOS product line of premium headsets has been additionally certified for, and integrated with, Microsoft Teams. This integration offers our customers the best possible audio quality and the ability to use Team meetings and calls quickly and easily: at home, at work, on the road and anywhere in between”

The new Microsoft Team-certified devices

EPOS lists the most important data of the ADAPT-headsets:

ADAPT 660 maximises focus and productivity everywhere with a streamlined, contemporary design and excellent call clarity.

  • Product availability ADAPT 660: 22 June 2020
  • ADAPT 660 recommended retail price: € 399

The ADAPT 560 with its unique design offers extraordinary pickup of speech, quality and comfort, and adapts to the user’s environment. With a completely new, discreetly foldable boom arm, the ADAPT 560 allows users to instantly respond to specific noise needs and functions – whether it’s folding the arm down to participate in a conference call on the move, or up to concentrate while working. With two additional advanced microphones built into the boom arm, the ADAPT 560 is specifically designed to pick up speech and ensure crystal clear quality no matter what kind of call the user accepts.

  • Product availability ADAPT 560: 26 June 2020
  • ADAPT 560 recommended retail price: €299

The ADAPT 400 series is EPOS’ first wireless headset with neckband design, and is a lightweight, yet high-quality headset that meets the needs of today’s flexible worker – a discreet alternative for busy professionals who don’t always want to use a headset they have to wear over their ears. With subtle vibrations for incoming calls and other alerts, the professional never misses a call and always stays informed, no matter where he is.

  • Product availability ADAPT 460: 29 June 2020
  • Product availability ADAPT 460T: 29 June 2020
  • ADAPT 460 and 460T recommended retail price: € 299

The ADAPT 360 is an integral part of the product range and has been specifically designed for professionals looking for a stylish headset to suit their busy lifestyles. Available in both black and white, the ADAPT 360 adapts to its wearer and embodies EPOS’ mission to provide superior sound quality and performance without compromising on contemporary design.

  • Product availability ADAPT 360: 3 July 2020
  • The ADAPT 360 recommended retail price: € 249

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