Grado The Hemp Headphone Limited Edition


Hemp is a solid base material and so – as Grado must have thought – it’s best to make a headphone housing out of it.

Grado regularly experiments with all kinds of basic materials for his open headphones. This time it was the turn of the ancient hemp. Besides the fact that you can make ropes from it, it also turns out to be a good base for headphones. The new and limited edition to release The Hemp Headphone Limited Edition seems to sound very nice according to the manufacturer. Internally, it quickly became one of the beloved models to listen to.

Maple to go with it

Besides the fact that the new Grado hemp headphones have a special and characteristic appearance, this material should also provide acoustic pleasure. According to Grado, the pressed material provides a isolating effect between the fibers. And that in turn should guarantee a more emphatic low-end and a supple high. In addition to hemp, maple wood was also used to further fine-tune the acoustics.

The Hemp Headphone Limited Edition will be available from the end of June – just about now – for a price of $420 American dollar.


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