High End Society cancels High End Swiss and World of Hifi

High End Society

The corona crisis has caused two other major events to be canceled, as the High End Society announces. The show in Swiss for example.

While the world’s biggest hi-fi show in the world – the High End Munich – was cancelled earlier this year, now the High End Society will follow with the cancellation of two other major hi-fi fairs. Both High End Swiss (Zurich) and World of Hifi (in Düsseldorf) are cancelled due to the uncertainties surrounding COVID.

According to the organisation, major events in Germany are already banned until at least 31 August, after which it is unpredictable what will happen. There is a very good chance that the virus will return in all its intensity by the end of the summer. Especially now you can see how irresponsible people are behaving, ignoring all the rules concerning ‘social distancing’. As an organiser of any large-scale event, you don’t want to run any risk of this happening as a ‘super spreading event’. That stigma may haunt you as a company for a long time.

To the beginning of next year

In short: it will be a quiet year as far as high-end expos are concerned. The High End Society has planned the High End Swiss for 9 and 10 January 2021 and the World of Hifi on 6 and 7 March 2021. These are of course also risky dates because it is the most likely time for a new lockdown. Keep an eye on the reports here and on the site of the High End Society, in case you would like to visit one of these events. There is a chance that they will be forwarded again. But for now, all the big happenings of the German High End Society are on the roll for 2021.

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