JBL L82, the L100 classic in miniature


JBL has released the L82. A small – shrunken – version of the old classic: the L100. And that ‘Vintage’ / Classic speaker was re-released a while ago.

JBL distributor for the Benelux, Reference Sounds: ‘We sometimes think back to ‘the good ol’ days’. The grass is greener, the winter were still really winters and speakers were still big cabinets with big woofers.

Just under a year ago we introduced JBL’s delicious L100 speakers that breathed new life into the iconic form of the 70’s classic from the inside out. The looks of yesteryear but the technology of today – a speaker that’s fun. Of course, the L100’s cabinet is barely compact, thanks to that mighty white 12″ woofer, and for some, perhaps just a little too much ‘goodness’. JBL now has a perfect answer, the JBL L82′.

Honey, I shrunk the JBL L100’s

Today’s JBL L100 is in fact a reissue of the L100 Century of the 70’s where the drivers and crossover have been completely redesigned. The L100 of those days was in turn a consumer-version of the legendary 4310 studio monitor. Unlike its bigger brother, the L82 is not directly inspired by a model from the past but can best be described as a shrunken version of today’s L100. “Where the L100 makes you call the construction company for a decent wall bracket, you can put the L82 on the bookshelf with peace of mind, or on the optional stand of course”, the distributor says.


The press release about the newcomer continues: The base of the JBL L82 is the same 1″ (25mm) Titanium dome with Waveguide and typical L-Pad tone control. With this, the L82 promises that wonderfully energetic high reproduction that we know from the L100. Whereas the larger L100 is based on a 3-way configuration with symmetrical setup, the L82 is a 2-way system with a mirrored structure between the left and right speaker for an optimal stereo image. Under the tweeter is the 8″ (200mm) Pure Paper Pulp woofer which gives the L82 the bass-end. Of course it is less rich in the low frequencies than the L100, but there is no way that we can call it thin or modest. The L82 sounds just like the L100 wonderfully full and delicious and does not get scared when you ask him to give a little more power… it’s pure fun.

The JBL L82 is now available from stock in black, blue and of course orange.

  • Recommended retail price JBL L82: €2290,- per set
  • Suggested price JBL L82 Stands: €250,- per set

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