JBL presents Tuner XL and Tuner 2


JBL makes very nice sounding portable speakers, of which the Tuner has a – well, guess what – built-in tuner. New versions are about to come!

The JBL portable Bluetooth speakers stand out because of their wide sound spectrum. All kinds of DSP tricks are used to achieve this. The same technique is used in the JBL Tuner. A larger ‘standing’ version of this now appears in the form of the Tuner XL and also a new Tuner 2. This is the successor to the ‘old’ Tuner and it has a significantly longer battery life: the playing time is 12 hours on a full charge. The sound quality has also been further improved according to JBL. Loved are the DAB+ and FM tuner, as well as the Bluetooth functionality.

Bigger brother

Completely new is the JBL Tuner XL, the bigger brother of the Tuner (2). It is more powerful, larger and offers 15 hours of playing time on a single battery charge. Practical are the five buttons for presets. Both newcomers have an LCD screen. The most charming (and sharp) mini-display of the original Tuner in the new version has become larger and moved to the front. The JBL Tuner 2 costs – as we see on a few sites – around €100; the Tuner XL costs around €150. And that’s a great price for a multifunctional device like this. Very soon or already available. On the (Dutch) website of JBL they can not yet be found at the time of writing.

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