Kraftwerk Dolby Atmos tracks on Tidal and Amazon


Good news for fans of Kraftwerk who also have a Tidal Hi-Fi or Amzon Music HD-subscription: listen to this band’s Dolby Atmos track.

As of today several Kraftwerk-releases on Tidal H-Fi and Amazon Music HD are available for listening. Some of those tracks will also be encoded (or ‘contain’) in Dolby Atmos. The releases that now appear with the mentioned music streaming services fall under the umbrella ‘first time on digital’. One of the highlights is the Dolby Atmos/HD surround mix of Kraftwerk’s Grammy Award winning documentary 3-D The Catalogue from 2017.

German language albums

Furthermore, the original German-language versions of five studio albums by Kraftwerk can be listened to from July 3. These are Mensch-Maschine, Computerwelt, Techno Pop and The Mix. Furthermore, Radio-Activity (and Radio-Aktivität) plus Tour De France will be available for streaming and downloading worldwide for the first time. Excellent news for fans of this special group of musicians.

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