Lampizator releases MM phono preamplifier


The Polish Lampizator has released the new MM2 phono preamplifier. Naturally is is based on tubes…hooray!

Lampizator is crazy about tubes. Not very strange, because founder of the company Lukasz Fikus is too. And so you will find the soft glowing precursors of the semiconductor also in the brand new MM2 phono preamp.

As the name suggests, especially intended for MM elements. The structure is largely the same as the MC1 (intended for MC elements). With one important difference: in the MM2 a semiconductor power supply is used, which is a lot lighter and cheaper than the tube power supply from the MC1. The housing of the MM2 consists of a metal housing and a 10 mm thick ‘aviation grade’ front panel, available in black, silver or champagne. And if you take a good look at that panel, you will immediately see that Lampizator is 10 years old. By the way, the picture above is taken from the manufacturer’s Facebook page.

Slow start function

The Lampizator MM2 has a 47k input and, as mentioned above, is compatible with MM cartridges (SUT compatible with MC). You will find copper layer capacitors in the output circuit and the whole is built on a 4 layer PCB. The heating elements in the tubes are regulated and equipped with a slow start function. Remains as always the price: it is €3900. For the true enthusiast, who wants to get the most out of vinyl playback.


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