Magico releases new flagship M9


Magico has released a new loudspeaker. The (very large) Magico M9 will immediately become the new flagship loudspeaker of the manufacturer.

The Magico M9 is in basis a very sturdy floorstanding speaker where the housing is made of a combined inner and outer layer, made of carbon fiber. Both layers are connected via an aluminium honeycomb core. This construction reduces weight on the one hand and on the other hand prevents the cabinet from creating vibrations. Furthermore, an active crossover filter has been considered. This MXO unit takes care of the bass mid/low separation. The cones of the speakers in the M9 are among the most recently developed Nano-Tec examples, where we again find aluminium honeycomb as the core.

(Very) Large tweeter

Magico als used a brand new beryllium-diamond tweeter in the Magico M9 speaker. The special mix of materials made it possible to fabricate a 28mm tweeter. To be even more precise, it is the world’s first tweeter of this size. Now Magico already had such a tweeter in his range, this new variant is according to the manufacturer even more refined than its predecessor.

Now the rest of the units. They consist of a layer consisting of a mix of carbon fiber and graphene, combined with – as already written – an aluminum honeycomb. According to Magico those cones are so strong that you can drive over them with a large car. No problem. They just won’t break of flex. The frequency range of the M9 runs from 18 Hz to 50 kHz and they can be controlled with a power of 20 Watt to a maximum of 2000 Watt.

For a pair you pay $750,000, available from the fourth quarter of this year.

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