Master & Dynamic plus Leica: interesting combination

Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic has once again had a meeting with Leica. And as a result, the MW65 and MW07 headphones and in-ear came to life.

Leica is of course known from camera optics (we have some lovely lenses laying around… nice stuff). At least one lens of the brand has acquired the status of iconic among connoisseurs. We are talking about the Noctilux. And precisely the design elements of that lens are reflected in the appearance of the new Master & Dynamic MW65 and MW07. For example, the Leica type ‘red dot’ is clearly present, as are other characteristics of this brand.

The MW65 is a wireless headphone with active noise cancelling. The lightweight aluminium body contains two 40mm beryllium drivers.


The MW07 is a true, wireless in-ear, so without the hassle of neckbands and other less practical attachments. For enthusiasts (and owners of a compatible source) the Master & Dynamic MW07 supports Bluetooth 5.0 aptX, while the standard SBC is available as a fallback option.

Included is a carrying case and portable charger with a stainless steel housing. This gives you a total wireless playing time of 40 hours on the go without the need for a power outlet nearby. T

he MW65 Headphones for 0.95 – as it is officially called – costs $499. The MW07 Plus Eearphones For 0.95 sell for $299.

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