Monitor Audio presents IMS-4 Music Streamer

Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio has released the new IMS-4 Music Streamer, running on BluOS. Stream just about anything you can think of… in terms of audio that is.

The new IMS-4 Music Streamer from Monitor Audio runs on BluOS, and that has its advantages. It supports multiroom, for example, where you can stream to four different zones. Integrating with other BluOS devices in the house can even extend that number of zones to (up to) 64. If you happen to have a mansion somewhere, that can be handy.

The IMS-4 can handle up to 24-bit/192 kHz. MQA is also no problem, while owners of Apple devices will undoubtedly be pleased with AirPlay2 support. And the latter also supports multiroom, so you can choose.

Rack mount housing

The Monitor Audio IMS-4 Music Streamer features a rack mount housing, which means you can neatly incorporate it into a project. In addition to network capabilities, analogue and digital inputs are also available. For example, you can connect your old FM tuner to the device and listen to it in all multiroom rooms. A nice extra detail: the streamer also has an interrupt option with which things like doorbells and fire alarms can be heard. The Dutch importer of Monitor Audio can be found here.

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