Mytek presents Brooklyn AMP+


The American company Mytek has released the new Brooklyn AMP+, the successor to the ‘regular’ AMP that will no longer be available from now on.

According to the manufacturer, Mytek’s Brooklyn AMP+ retains the same sound as its predecessor: The Mytek Brooklyn AMP. Including dynamic and precise transitions and the extended frequency range. But now with – still according to Mytek – a much lower distortion and a cleaner natural sounding analog-like character with a deeper and wider sound image. To achieve this, faster transistors have been used to reduce the so-called dead time during switching. It’s reduced to nanoseconds. Also a higher carrier frequency has been chosen, of 650 kHz to be precise.

Class D

The Mytek Brooklyn AMP+ is a reference amplifier built as a double mono class D amplifier. The whole is built in a small 1/2 rack housing. It is designed to be used either together with the Brooklyn DAC or just stand-alone. If you have an original Brooklyn AMP, you can have it upgraded to the specs of the new AMP+ for $500. An AMP+ costs $4295.


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