New Google speaker from Nest


According to insiders, Google is launching a new smart speaker, which should become a direct competitor of the Sonos One. Good news for fans of this type of device.

The multitude of people who don’t or hardly care about privacy is surprisingly large. And so (manufacturers of) smart speakers are experiencing golden times. The Google Home is probably the best known in this category. According to What Hifi, among others, a new smart speaker is in the pipeline. It should be released under the well known brand name Nest, where the internal code name seems to be Prince.

The ‘Prince’ must look a lot like the Sonos One, which would mean that the intended newcomer would get bigger speaker drivers. In terms of number of drivers the ‘Prince’ would be between the original Google Home from 2016 and the Google Home Max from 2017.

Wait and see

It goes without saying that Google Assistant is the ‘brain’ and thus the central pivot of the smart speaker under development. For the rest, nothing is officially known about the device. Whether there is new functionality compared to the other Google speakers, nobody knows yet. Nothing is known about the price either, although it is suggested that it will be somewhere between the Google Home and Home Max. So we’ll have to wait and see if there’s really something new coming out soon.

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