PS Audio launches Octave Records

PS Audio

PS Audio is started his own audiophile record label: Octave Records. They not only want to bring better sound quality; they also have the interest of the artist at heart.

The new record label Octave Records was launched by PS Audio to serve the audiophile market. At the same time it supports the interests of artists. Out of Thin Air, Grammy-awarded pianist and composer Don Grusin, released an album with Octave Records. The album is also called Out of Thin Air by the way. The album is limited and well, in the form of a SACD / CD. In the case of the SACD – DSD tracks can be found, and PCM with a resolution of 192 kHz/24 bit.

The Sonona DSD hi-res recording system was used for live recording. And although this is a limited edition, it is an affordable package. You pay $29 for it, with an additional $15 shipping charge.

Artist support

Octave Records from PS Audio supports musicians by 100% of costs incurred in and around studio, mixing, mastering, production, distribution and marketing for his account. This means that artists can directly share in the proceeds, while still retaining full ownership of their work. And that’s always a welcome bonus in a world where copyrights are all too often managed by the big record companies. In any case, we’re curious to see what’s going to be released in a special way.

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