Samsung Blu-ray players crash worldwide


Samsung’s Blu-ray players are suddenly going down worldwide and on a large scale. They only thing you can do is restarting the device.

If you have a Samsung Blu-ray player at home, chances are it hasn’t worked for a couple of days… or maybe a bit longer. If it gives you any peace of mind: you’re not the only one where this happens. We read that here.

Samsung is busy trying to find out what went wrong. It seems – so they report – to be a faulty firmware update. That is now being contradicted again. The manufacturer reports that it is in any case necessary to pull the plug out of the socket and wait until there is an official solution. It goes without saying that you will have to wait and see how it will end up on your device. Because if the device crashes continuously, there is probably not much to update.

Samsung knows there is something wrong with their Blu-ray players, but is still looking for the cause and a solution to the problem (from


The problem is massive and does not occur with one model. If indeed it turns out that the problem cannot be solved through an online trick, Samsung has a huge problem. Because then all those affected devices would have to be taken to a service point. That is hardly possible on this scale. It is also possible that a specific component that is used in all players has broken down because of a manufacturing defect, for example.

Then a repair becomes even more complex and time-consuming. So wait and see what exactly is going on. In any case, it is a setback for Samsung, which moreover announced at the beginning of last year that it is going to stop manufacturing Blu-ray players.

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