Sennheiser celebrates 75th anniversary with HD 25


Sennheiser celebrates its 75th anniversary. And one of the ‘gifts’ is a special anniversary edition of the iconic HD 25 headphones.

Usually it’s a lot of hassle when it comes to jubilee equipment. A manufacturer generally only makes small batches, sometimes even very, very small ones. And then only the real hardcore fanatics, who react faster than the speed of light, will be able to buy one. Sennheiser has taken a different approach. Yes, an anniversary edition of the HD 25 headphones has been released. And yes, it is also limited (there are 25,000 available worldwide). But everyone has the same chance. Simply order a Sennheiser HD 25 this month and you might be one of the lucky ones to get an anniversary edition. Actually a much nicer idea than simply ‘first come, first served’. And oh yes: this HD 25 will also cost a lot less than usual: for €99 you have a pair.


The Sennheiser HD 25 already saw the light of day in 1988 and – after several updates over the years – is still there. The anniversary version comes with a set of yellow earpads in addition to the standard black earpads. These are a reference to another Sennheiser classic, the 1968 HD 414. The jubilee HD 25 also features a retro logo of the manufacturer on earpads and the packaging has also been produced in a retro style.

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