SEPEA Audio releases Stellavox PRO TD9 again


The Stellavox PRO TD9 tape recorder is a legend in the audio world. It is now back in production at the Slovak SEPEA Audio.

SEPEA Audio is a company that renovates, refurbishes, repairs and now also builds ‘new’ retro equipment. In the latter scenario you can find the legendary Stellavox PRO TD9 reel-to-reel recorder. This is based on the original documents of the original Swiss manufacturer. Some parts even come from the original Swiss production of yesteryear, because SEPEA Audio has purchased the complete old stock of parts.

These original items are combined with newly manufactured parts. And those are – where possible – manufactured by the same manufacturers who used to do the same, if they still exist. If that doesn’t work anymore, then necessary parts will be made elsewhere according to the original design drawings and material specifications.

If desired, go for custom

The Stellavox PRO TD9 tape recorder costs €33000 in the 1/4″ version; for the 1/2″ version you need to pay €36000 (both currently available as pre-order).

There is also the Custom Reference variant. The price depends on your wishes. For example, if you want to use tape with a width larger than 16mm, a chassis with stronger engines will be used. There is also a plethora of accessories in the pipeline, including L-shaped wooden side panels, a trolley stand, VU meter bridge and more.

SEPEA Audio also thinks of variants that contain improvements over the original design. Since the last Stellavox PRO TD9’s that were produced are already quite old. And a lot has changed in terms of technical possibilities.

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