The Virtual Audio Show (TVAS) in autumn and winter

The Virtual Audio Show

We don’t have to count on big audio shows this year, and it would also be unwise to go there. The Virtual Audio Show offers a solution!

Just about every major audio exhibition planned this year was canceled. The culprit is of course the well-known COVID-19 virus. And as long as there is no vaccine (and a significant portion of the world population is vaccinated), mass events will be held off. That’s why an initiative like The Virtual Audio Show (TVAS) are very welcome.

The idea is to give exhibitors a place where they can get in touch with their current and future clients through a stream. For example, to show new products and developments. The nice thing is that The Virtual Audio Show lasts a lot longer than the average physical show. The first edition of TVAS runs from 7 September to 9 October this year and the version after that from 8 February to 12 March 2021.

Just real, but different

You ‘visit’ The Virtual Audio Show via an equally virtual floor plan. It leads you to virtual rooms spread over virtual floors. Furthermore, things like seminars and music are on the program, which makes it indeed suspiciously similar to a ‘real’ expo. Extra advantage: you don’t have to travel for it, which immediately saves you money. Somewhere it would be nice if this kind of virtual event turns out to be a keeper, at least in part. By the way, TVAS is organized by Hifi Pig.

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