XOX presents new banana plugs


XOX – part of Black Cat Cable – has released a new banana plug made of pure copper coated with rhodium.

The new XOX Bananas – as the banana plugs are officially called – is made of pure copper. According to the manufacturer, this is still the material of choice when it comes to optimal conductivity, only pure silver still is a little better, but only 6% better. The crankbait also has the well-known spring contact of this type of plug. A coarse pressure connection ensures a solid contact between cable and plug. The new Bananas is available on all Black Cat and Graceline speaker cables, from Coppertone to be exact.

Black Cat Cable and SOX

Black Cat Cable was founded in 1992 by Chris Sommovigo and has been active for almost 30 years with still the same owner. The first product was a very precise 75 Ohm coaxial cable intended for high-end audio applications. The small company has a relatively low ‘ouput’, but is very specialized.

XOX is simply another company that falls under the wings of Black Cat and – as the name suggests with a bit of imagination – deals with plugs and the like. Together they form a solid whole that supplies cables from ‘end to end’. By the way, the image above this article is taken from Black Cat’s Facebook page, where more interesting things can be found.

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