Advance Paris WTX-1100 24 bit Bluetooth adapter

Advance Paris

French company Advance Paris has released the new WTX-1100, a 24-bit resolution Bluetooth adapter for the best wireless sound quality.

The Advance Paris WTX-1100 is a Bluetooth adapter with a focus on sound quality. That’s why aptX HD plays a leading role. This protocol enables a wireless sound transfer with a 24 bit resolution. In addition, it ensures a minimum of distortion and a low background noise level. The WTX-1100 has both analog and digital outputs (coaxial and optical), allowing connection to any hi-fi system or active speakers. Of course, it works with any brand and type of device that has an analog line input or digital input. In terms of appearance, the adapter fits best with the home’s own Advance Paris equipment.

Own Cirrus Logic DAC chip

Internally, the Advance Paris WTX-1100 does not use the standard DAC present in the Qualcomm chipset. Instead the CS4344 24 bit / 192 kHz DAC from Cirrus Logic has been chosen. Furthermore, the WTX-1100 is backwards compatible with other Bluetooth protocols. So if your transmitting device does not have aptX HD on board, you can still transmit sound. Be it inferior quality. More information about the newcomer can be found on the website of the importer/distributor Servi-Q, to be exact here.

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