Amazon advises to update Echo Buds quickly


Amazon’s Echo Buds contain a serious firmware error that can overheat the in-ears during charging.

In some cases – Amazon warns – the Echo Buds in-ears can overheat during charging. Customers already received an email from the company last week with the warning and urgent advice to quickly perform a firmware update. This not only solves the overheating problem, but should also extend the life of the battery built into the headphones.


By the way, it seems to go especially wrong during charging, a spontaneous meltdown when used in the ear does not seem to occur. Nevertheless, we would strongly advise you to perform the update as soon as possible. If the Amazon Echo Buds are continuously and severely overheated during charging, this can have strange chemical consequences for the Lithium batteries. And during listening sessions, they are still awfully close to your hearing organs.

Charging in an airplane or other enclosed space, for example, can also – if the overheating ever results in ignition – have very unpleasant consequences. Always be very careful with Li-Ion batteries and have great respect for them! The amount of energy that such rechargeable batteries can store – in proportion to their capacity – is enormous. And if something goes wrong and that energy is released in one go, an explosion or at least a large flame is inevitable. So update as soon as possible.

How can I do this?

Updating is very easy, by the way. Make sure both caps are placed in the charging case and check if your Amazon Echo Buds are paired via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Start the Alexa app and choose Devices in the lower right corner. Choose Echo & Alexa and then Echo Buds. Scroll to About a little lower and check if software version 318119151 or higher is listed there. If that is the case, then you are fine. Every other – lower – version is wrong.

In that case, make sure the in-ears are at least 30% loaded. Then close the lid of the charging case and make sure that the telephone and case are in close proximity to each other for 30 minutes. The update will then be carried out automatically, after which you will be able to determine that you have received software version 318119151 or higher by means of the method just described.

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