Apple macOS Big Sur streams Netflix in 4k


There are many big changes on the horizon at Apple, and one of them is the ability to view 4k Netflix streams on your Mac under Big Sur. The other has to do with cpu’s and Intel.

MacOS Big Sur is the latest version of Apple’s operating system for computers. It has made such big changes compared to previous versions that the manufacturer has increased the version number from 10 to 11.

One of the less noticeable changes is the ability to play 4k streams on Netflix. This was not possible before, but Safari – the standard browser of macOS – gets the job done in the upcoming macOS without any problems. From autumn onwards – the expected launch time of Big Sur – you will be able to enjoy the Netflix streaming service at full speed. That’s convenient, because many iMacs – Apple’s desktop computers – come with a 4k monitor as standard.

Goodbye Intel

Another thing is that Apple – as you may know by now – is embarking on a new great adventure. The company says goodbye to Intel as a processor supplier and switches to its own CPUs based on the ARM-architecture. The reason, Apple argues, is that developments at Intel have more or less come to a standstill, while its own SoCs (system on a chip, i.e. an – almost – complete system on a chip) offer much more breathing space and opportunities for innovation.

To make the transition as smooth as possible, an emulator for old Intel code is used on the new systems with Apple’s own CPUs. In other words: you can continue to use your old Intel software that is not converted to ARM code by developers.

Apple indicates that the entire transition must be completed in two years. And also that the ‘old’ Intel-based Macs will continue to be supported for years to come. The question remains whether it’s wise to invest in a new Mac now. If your existing system is still working fine: we think it’s better to wait a year or so until the transition is complete.

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