Artnovion Medline COVID Friendly Acoustic Panels


Artnovion has released the Medline series of acoustic panels. COVID-friendly, because they are easy to clean.

A mild to severe form of mysophobia has broken out just about everywhere in the business world. And that will remain so for some time to come. Artnovion has therefore released the Medline acoustic panels (or Acoustic Treatment Products). What they all have in common is a cleanable surface. Where contamination by annoying bacteria and fungi is normally prevented by using – how is it possible – bacteria and fungi unfriendly materials, the challenge with viruses is greater. They do not grow outside the body, but simply wait patiently for a host m/v to pass by where they can jump to. And so, unfortunately, fungicide- and bacteria-repellent materials alone are no longer sufficient.

Away with infectious misery

To get rid of viruses secretly waiting for prey, there is only one solution: regular good cleaning with disinfecting products. Artnovion’s new Medline panels are made of antimicrobial materials. They offer protection against regular bacteria and fungi, but can also be cleaned well. The outer layer of the products is designed precisely for this purpose, while not losing sight of the sound permeability of the material. The materials beneath this outer layer are not touchable and therefore not a source for the spread of viruses.

The artificial leather layer has undergone an antibacterial treatment in which metal ions have been ‘injected’. These break down cell walls of bacteria, while also arming them against fungi. So no more annoying stains or suspicious odours. And as said, the material – called Twill Accoustic Fabric, by the way – is also resistant to COVID-19 disinfectants.

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