Audio Pro presents Addon T3+ speaker

Audio Pro

The T3, made by Audio Pro, has received an upgrade; the new version has several improvements and is called Addon T3+.

The Audio Pro Addon T3+ is a nice compact and portable Bluetooth-only speaker. Ideal for on the go, or just to hear the sound from your smartphone or tablet without network hassle. The T3+ is the successor to the T3 released five years ago. The new version includes a redesigned bass reflex port. This should ensure optimal (re)reproduction of bass tones. Furthermore, various DSP settings are provided.

Still alive are the 9 cm bass driver, flanked by both 75 mm tweeters. Also remained the long playing time on a fully charged internal battery: 30 hours.

Unfinished for those that like that

The Addon T3+ features three Class D amplifiers: 2 x 5 Watt and 1 x 15 Watt. The frequency range of the speaker ranges from 60 to 20,000 Hz (crossover 5200 Hz).

In case you have failed environmentally… Audio Pro offers the T3+ in an unfinished version. No thick layers of paint in that case, but just bare stuff. If you find that perhaps a little too much, then there are still versions available with a finish. In that case, choose from Coal Black or Storm Grey. The Audio Pro T3 + is on jump and is therefore available at short notice. You pay €200 for it

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