Audiolab 6000A Play streaming amplifier


A device with multiple functions in one like the new Audiolab 6000A Play is always handy. If only because it saves – a lot of – space and cabling!

One swears by separate components, the other by integrated ones. You can make lists of pros and cons for both. Fact is that a single device with multiple functions saves space and cabling.

Take the new Audiolab 6000A Play (integrated) amplifier-streamer for example. In fact, this is a combination of the 6000A stereo amplifier and the 6000N Play streamer. You only need to connect some speakers and for most people it will be ready to go.

However, if you want to connect something like a turntable for example, then that’s no problem at all. Besides three analog line inputs, the Audiolab 6000A Play also has an MM phono input. And you can also use the device as DAC, via one of the four digital inputs (two optical and two coax). The ES9018K2M from the Sabre 32 Reference family is used as the heart of the dac. The maximum quality supported by the unit is 24 bit / 192 kHz. There are three filters to choose from: fast roll-off, slow roll-off and minimum phase.

DTS Play-Fi

You can stream via Wifi or Ethernet, while Bluetooth aptX and DTS Play-Fi are also supported. Besides a streamer and preamplifier, the British Audiolab 6000A Play has a class AB power amplifier with a power of 2 x 50 watts in 8 Ohms or 2 x 75 watts in 4 Ohms. A solid 200 VA toroidal transformer is used at the heart of the device. It is supported by a total capacitor capacity of 60,000 uF. That should work just fine.

The 6000A Play is available from the end of this month in silver or black, for an amount of £799.

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