Chord Company ClearwayX speaker cable

Chord Company has released the ClearwayX speaker cable, an update and improvement to the multi-award winning Clearway.

In some cases, the cabling of a hi-fi installation is the crowning glory of the ‘complete system’.  And of course the speaker cables should not be forgotten.

Chord Company released the ClearwayX, a direct replacement for its predecessor Clearway. With a range of improvements and a surprisingly ‘friendly’ price tag. First of all, for the ‘X’ the choice was made for ‘cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE)’. According to the manufacturer, this should lead to improvements in phase stability compared to the previous ‘normal’ Clearway method. Chord reports that this can be heard in the end.

Surprisingly affordable

The XLPE insulated conductors are made of oxygen-free copper, in a braided configuration to reduce interference. Furthermore, the conductors are protected by a layer of soft PVC to keep the shielding at the correct distance from those conductors. The shielding consists of two layers of high density film wrapped in opposite directions.

As already promised, the price of this beautiful giant is not that bad. You only pay £14.99 per metre for the Chord ClearwayX. And with that it is also an interesting cable for more regular hi-fi systems of which you want to boost the sound a bit, we think.

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