FinkTeam releases ‘budget’ speaker Kim


FinkTeam has released a new speaker, the Kim. This one has a more pleasant price tag than his colleagues from the same stable.

Until now, FinkTeam had two speakers in its range. First there is the WM4, for which you have to pay €65,000. The €24,000 Borg is not exactly the offer of the week. The new Kim already looks a lot more affordable, because armed with a price tag of €9950. This two-way reflex speaker is meant to be placed on a tripod. The tweeter is an OEM copy of Mundorf, an AMT or Air Motion Transformer to be precise.

Tripod included

FinkTeam designed the Kim in such a way that it merges more seamlessly into the environment where it is placed and certainly does not stand out. The speaker walls are made of two panels glued together, using an adhesive with damping properties. The tripod on which the Kim stands puts the speaker at exactly the right angle to optimise the sound image. The angle can be adjusted as desired. The price of the loudspeaker includes a tripod, so no hidden surprises in that respect. The FinkTeam Kim (see also Facebook) will be available from next month.

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