GeerFab D.BOB DSD-D/D converter


If you have a universal player that can also handle SACDs, the GeerFab D.BOB makes the resulting DSD signal available externally.

Many universal players intended for Blu-ray, DVD, CD and SACD have an HDMI output. Just connect the new GeerFab D.BOB, a D/D-converter, to this output. D/D-converter stands – well duh – for digital to digital.

This device is especially useful if you don’t really like the built-in DAC of the player and would like to feed the original DSD signal from the SACD to a better DSD-capable DAC. With such a usecase, this D/D-converter will not be of equal interest to everyone. But it will be very handy for the purists who want to have complete freedom regarding the path a digital audio signal takes.

By the way, GeerFab emphasizes that the DRM copy protection remains intact, so you can forget about pulling a digital copy of the extracted DSD signal.

DSD and Blu-ray audio

Using GeerFab D.BOB is simple: connect a player’s HDMI output to the converter’s HDMI input. Then the DSD signal is available on the optical and coaxial S/PDIF outputs. Furthermore, an HDMI output is provided, so that you can continue to see your (for example) Blu-ray discs on any connected TV. As far as Blu-ray is concerned, its audio signal is also output (192 kHz / 24 bit). GeerFab’s D.BOB costs €1200.

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