Gold Note presents PSU-10 EVO power supply

Gold Note

Looking for an external power supply for your Gold Note DS-10 or DS-10 Plus? Then the manufacturer has the PSU-10 EVO ready for you.

The new Gold Note PSU-10 EVO external power supply is exclusively designed for Note DS-10 and DS-10 Plus from the same brand. The housing is made of beautifully finished aluminum and the whole fits in with the rest of the 10 series in terms of appearance. And of course, the metal housing provides good shielding.

Inside you will find four transformers. Three of them are specifically meant for the real power supply; the fourth one takes care of the inductive filter. All those transformers put some weight on the scale, this Gold Note power supply weighs a total of 4 kilos.

The whole thing is handmade in Tuscany, using locally collected materials.

Choose from three colours

Furthermore, there is a filter that counteracts electrical noise and guarantees a clean power supply. The Gold Note PSU-10 EVO is available in black, silver and gold. And of course, the brand’s characteristic ventilation slots are clearly present.

You pay an amount of $1240 American dollar for the power supply. As said: only intended for the Gold Note DS-10 and DS-10 Plus, which by the way are streaming DACs.

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