In-Akustik presents optical HDMI cable

HDMI and longer distances do not go well together in the case of traditional conductors. Fibre optics offer a solution, as In-Akustik shows.

The German company In-Akustik has released a new, professional HDMI cable based on fibre optics. You can choose from 12 different lengths, ranging from 1 to 100 metres. It is the longer cables that are particularly interesting, because you often do not make it (well) with traditional copper cables. The new LWL cable has no problem with long distances, where 8K and data speeds up to 48 Gbps are supported. It means that – interesting for pro users – even 120 frames per second of transmission is possible.

Plug & play

The cable is equipped with sturdy metal HDMI plugs at both ends. In the plugs, the converters process signals from electrical to optical and vice versa. The cable itself is only 4 mm thick and very flexible. All you need to pay attention to is the direction of the signal: there is one plug for the transmitter and one for the receiver. It is annoying if you discover that the cable is directional after you have rolled out about 100 metres of it.

In-Akustik’s HDMI optical cable behave no different than an ordinary electrical one. It is plug & play, no power supply is required. The necessary power supply is taken from the HDMI connector.

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