LG TVs in South Korea hit by overheating


A series of OLED televisions is provided with a new power supply module by LG, which prevents overheating. In our regions the problem does not seem to occur.

LG replaces the power supply module in 18 models of OLED televisions produced between February 2016 and September 2019, we read in this news item. These are models that were sold in South Korea, according to LG models for the foreign market – which therefore includes us from a South Korean point of view – are not affected. But if you bought an OLED TV from LG via a (foreign) webshop that took its appliances directly from there: always handy to keep in mind. So far, 22,000 of the 60,000 affected devices have been equipped with a new power supply module.

Defective particle

According to LG, the cause of the overheating problem lies in the – too fast – deterioration of a current limiting component. As a result, too high currents occur in the television, which results in too high a temperature. It’s good to see that the manufacturer has tackled the problem and solved the problem neatly. Some other manufacturers can learn something from this.

Anyway: the overheating doesn’t really seem to occur in colder countries. But if you don’t completely trust it and feel that your TV is getting very hot lately, then there’s nothing to stop you asking.

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