LG updates Apple TV app with Dolby Atmos


The Apple TV app in LG televisions is suitable for Dolby Atmos after an update. If you have a smart TV of this brand with this app on it, then you no longer need a separate Apple TV 4K.

Quite a bit of the content in Apple TV+ has a Dolby Atmos sound channel. Until very recently you had to use an Apple TV 4K set-top box to actually play that sound track. LG has now released an update for the Apple TV app integrated in its televisions. After updating, your device will be able to use the Dolby Atmos channel of the service without external streaming hardware.

Incidentally, this makes LG the first manufacturer to support Apple’s Atmos app. For example, Samsung also has the app installed, but it does not (yet?) support the channel. Televisions from Sony and Visio should get the Atmos update sometime this year. So this unique position won’t last very long.

Roku and Amazon Fire

It is not exactly known which LG TVs will get the Dolby Atmos update for the Apple TV app. However, it is expected that it will be all devices that have the app on board. In short: if you have a TV of this brand and are using Apple’s streaming service then a quick update is recommended. Finally, good news for owners of Roku and Amazon Fire devices: the Apple TV app is now available for this as well.

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