Live Stream – Interview Mark Otten (18-07-2020 – 15:00 CEST)

This Saturday – 18-07-2020 – 15:00 CEST – we’re going to have a live interview with Mark Otten. A famous DJ and lecturer at several colleges, including the Haarlems Conservartorium. He also has his own company for coaching new talent and regularly produces for Armada and AFT:HRS. In short: a man who knows what’s going on in the music world!

We don’t have to list his entire tracklist, career and history in this announcement. We will do so in the interview this Saturday (18-07-2020 – 15:00 CEST). Besides: google Mark Otten and you’ll see what he’s done. And what he does.

We find it interesting to talk to him, because he has been so close to the music for so long and with so much new talent. Among other things, he has had Martin Garrix in his class. And also works with a lot of other talents. Interesting stuff of course. But we are also curious about what drives him. Where did it start? How does he keep that fire burning? What does he see in the new talent he coaches? And how does he see the current music landscape. What’s changed? Where does he think we’re going?

In the live stream, we are going to ask him. And you can also ask questions via the chat! So log in next Saturday and hook up.

Live stream interview Mark Otten


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