Live Stream multitest – six (or seven) Speaker cables

This Saturday – 11th July 2020 – at 10:00 CEST – we will test six (or maybe seven) speaker cables. Right: a live cable test. With of course the usual audio stream so you can listen in on this test. Are we nervous? Definitely! But we also find it very interesting to do this together with you

We have a great live multitest planned for you this Saturday. You can listen in and of course give feedback and ask questions via the chat. We are testing cables from:

  • Supra Cable
  • Audioquest
  • Pure Cable
  • Qed
  • Art Speak
  • Duelund

Maybe a seventh surprise, but that depends on the time we have. We hope to see you on Saturday at 10:00 on the chat!

Live Stream

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